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LittleBlack Scarf is designed to Grow Long Hair, Get Shinier Hair, Get Healthier Hair, and Protect Hair at night.
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About Us

It all started with an idea

About Creator

Hi, I’m Dana and I created The LittleBlack Scarf after struggling to find a quality solution to protect my hair at night. I really wanted longer hair and I knew the key was to protect my ends so they wouldn’t break or appear damaged and need cutting. I tried every scarf on the market and nothing worked so I decided to create The LittleBlack Scarf.

The LittleBlack Scarf is not just for sleeping. I designed The LittleBlack Scarf using a variety of stylish colors and prints, so it can be worn a variety of ways to accessorize and add style to any outfit. The LittleBlack Scarf can be worn as a neck scarf, headband, ponytail holder and many more ways. Thus it is called the LittleBlack Scarf.



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